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" Some people think that wildlife photography is a hobby, a pastime.

In reality it is exactly the opposite, a sort of purpose in life".

*Fritz Pölking, Natur photographer, Germany

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Eurasian Hoopoe - breeding season of summer gust in Cyprus

junger Wiedehopf - Young Hoopoe, Cyprus, 15.05.2019
junger Wiedehopf - Young Hoopoe, Cyprus, 15.05.2019

How it all started, my documentary about a Hoopoe Breeding season in Cyprus.


In May 2018, I was looking for a brooding hoopoe couple. In June I received a hint from Jan and Dave Walker regarding the sighting of several Hoopoe in the vicinity of the village of Androlikou, not far from Neo Chorio/Polis.


The Hoopoe should have been seen near a sheep and goat farm, where there was also a small, dried out lake at the time, which usually carries some water in the rainy season. 

So I examined every tree in question there for possible breeding caves and found what it was looking for.

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