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" Some people think that wildlife photography is a hobby, a pastime.

In reality it is exactly the opposite, a sort of purpose in life".

*Fritz Pölking, Natur photographer, Germany

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Greater Flamingos at Akrotiri Salt Lake - 25. November 2019

Greater flamingos gather for hibernation in Lake Akrotiri Salt Lake, Limassol, Cyprus
Greater flamingos gather for hibernation in Lake Akrotiri Salt Lake, Limassol, Cyprus

The ranks continue to close.


Meanwhile, the Akrotiri salt lake in Limassol is filling up more and more with the pink flamingos as winter guests. At my last sighting on November 25, about 8,000 flamingos are currently present in the salt lake. If you observe the flamingos at short distances of 30-40 meters near the mouth of the rainwater canal into the salt lake, a longer walk through the softened salt lake and through the reed areas is required.
For this you have a very nice light at sunrise and the flamingos remain active there undisturbed.

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Important information about Cyprus' birdlife

Cyprus increases hunting pressure on threatened Turtle Dove

BirdLife Cyprus news on press - 29 August 2019

As the EU takes legal action against France and Spain for failing to protect the Turtle Dove, hunting season in Cyprus continues as ‘business as usual’, and then some…

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