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"Albert Stoecker "Birds and Nature Photography in Cyprus"

" Some people think that wildlife photography is a hobby, a pastime.

In reality it is exactly the opposite, a sort of purpose in life".

*Fritz Pölking, Natur photographer, Germany

My photographic focus is on bird- and nature photography on the island Cyprus. The Location in the Eastern Mediteranean and the year-round warm climate provides all migratory birds on his annual travel from Europe to North Africa and back a rest area for stopovers. Many birds remain also the wintering on the island and some, such as the "Cyprus Wheatear" or the "Cyprus Warbler" breed only on Cyprus. 


In addition to photography I create also video documentaries about the bird life, landscape, interesting places and archaeological sites from bygone times.  I reports on the nature and BirdLife of Cyprus currently in my blog


As a nature and bird photographer, I am an active member of the international bird protection organization BirdLife Cyprus. I support conservation actions and with photo and video posts for publications at exhibitions, in the website and magazine of the organization.


All contents of ny website are protected by copyright. Any use of the image-, video- or the text materials is allowed only with my written permission. If you be interested in one of the pictures or videos please send me an email.


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Albert Stoecker