Audio - Zoom Handy Recorder H1

Excellent quality of sound, especially for panning and spacial awareness. The battery life can seem to go quite fast at around 10 hours with a single AA battery
You can record in MP3 or WAV formats at the simple switch of a button, and can similarly alter other recording settings:
-MP3: 48kbps up to 320kbps
-WAV: 44kHz/16bit, all the way up to 96kHz/24Bit. Overall, a brilliant recording device at a great price. The accessory kit could be better, but for this cheap price it works perfectly as a starter kit.

The accessory kit is great for a starting kit, but it would have been a lovely bonus if a larger bag was given to store all of the equipment in. The case for the recorder itself fits it perfectly, but only after you remove the windscreen first (which is a hassle to fit on at first, but eventually becomes easier). The tripod is small, but gets the job done.

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