Our noisy neighbour, the Black Francolin

Away in the adjacent banana fields, a Black Francolin has only a few meters from the House his territory. On time every morning before the first rays of the Sun, he stands on his control Hill and begins its ownership claim for this Station communicated loudly.


Ok, usually it takes some time before I documented something that has been one every day in the environment around me. Now where the spring bird migration is already almost passed through I have decided to visit my neighbor now.


So I go before Sunrise in the banana field next to our House to watch the morning Herald. I have sitting 20 m from the House away with a cup of coffee between some banana plants and quickly heard the Francolin at the suspected site, then I spotted and observed him.

How I suspected he has climbed its small commander Hill and immediately started to send his very distinctive reputation in all directions. That lasted about 10 minutes and more and then he moved on in his area, always again calling. When he was gone I am move to the small hill about 30 m opposite, which was built from Waste material by the banana farmer when applying the field. I removed some plastic waste and the dry scrub away for a better Background. Also I prepare my camera position according to the appropriate background. In the next day’s my neighbor Black Francolin turns early in the Morning up to his hill and play as my photo and video model available and sounds its distinctive reputation in all directions. With my Canon EOS 5DIII and the Magic Lantern new 3xCrop Mode software I could footage up again beautiful moments without disrupting the "Herald in the wilderness" in the slightest.

Wildlife photography and video recordings in the way I like it.

Our noisy neighbour is always just a few meters away for our home, he is calling many times over th day, sometimes up to 20 minutes.


Please select "Full HD 1080" on YouTube Settings for the best Quality.

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    paul foster (Sonntag, 24 April 2016 12:22)

    Wow Albert,you do not even have to leave your house now to capture stunning photographs,not only that, but great video work too!
    Regards to Eleni and yourself..keep up the good work!

    ps My football team are nearly back in the premier league,only 2 more games to go,1 at home and 1 in London,we must win them or at least 1 of them.2 teams below us are also in with a chance too.My team is BURNLEY FC.

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