Greater Sand Plover at Mandria Beach

last Wednesday, I went first on my way to Anarita to the Mandria beach along. It was before sunrise, when I discovered the two Plover located betwen the Truck and the Beach there.


The Distance to me was approximately 10 m. The strong reddish coloration on the breast feathers I had never before seen on Greater Sand Plover so I was not shure about the Species.

So I made two quick backup photos and then unwrapped the large lens.


A few minutes later started also the sunrise and the rays of the Sun were like a spotlight on the birds, which lit up more and more. Everything, why a photographer is early in the morningon on the road, was now happens in the next 10 minutes with a beautiful Light.  Yes, until just the first dog walker passing by...

Now I got the exact designation of the species from the expert Stavros and Colin, after I send some photos for the idendification.Charatrius leschenaultii columbinus 2, a subspecies, which differs in some respects from the normal Greater Sand Plover, normal here sometimes are.

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