Sardinian Warbler - new generation

The first breeding season at the Sardinian Warblers is almost complete. Somewhere in Anarita Park I have taken the opportunity a few shots close.


The breeding pair was right eagerly at the feed transport towards the nest to feed the young birds in the nest. The nest with food was served at very short intervals. Especially the female was more likely to see.


Then I was also witness to a drama at the nest. First of all, I noticed only the nervous flying around the old birds to nest around. Then I saw two almost fully fledged young birds without tail in the Oleander bushes around bounce. Also the first short flights from branch to branch. Usually they are only in the Bush with the nest on the way.

But then was the reason for the nervous behavior of birds to see. A black arrow snake was on the nest and took the two chicks left in the nest. Since all diversion attempts of birds helped nothing. Too bad, but nature knows no regrets.

here a short Video with the feeding Sardinian Warbler


Please select "Full HD 1080" on YouTube Settings for the best Quality.

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