my way to Nature photography

Photography was always a part of my life, whether in the family environment, in the clubs and in working life, the camera was there always a part of this. Particularly I like remember my "black and white photography time as I spent many hours in my own darkroom at home.


Lightroom and Photoshop now replace the darkroom. Countless digital photo and video recorded shots every day around the clock made with Smartphones, tablets, cameras and other devices. Much is immediately uploaded to the Web or even stream of humanity to view freely.

But is the snapping of everything and everyone the photograph which I imagine.


No, but when I´´ am stay as a nature photographer somewhere alone in nature with the Camera, waiting for Animal ore Bird or capturing Landscape, this often brings me back in the time in the Black- and White Darkrum for many hours.

I start 1968 with analog Camera SLR Revue 35 mm for DIA Films. My second Canon SLR FN1000 with lens set of 35mm/f2.8, 55m/f1.4 and 135mm/f2.8 together with Tele converter 2.0x used for Nature photography.

2007 - Change to digital SLR with Canon Digital EOS 400D Kid with EF 17-55mm, 24-85mm and 55-250mm IS Zoom lens. 

In 2009 - Canon EOS 50D, replaced short time later from the new Canon 7D (Crop 1,6x) with 18 MB Sensor and new Autofocus technology, seems to be the ideal Camera for Bird photography including the Top Lens EF300mm /f4 L IS.

2010 - Canon EOS 5D Mark II was added, also the Canon Super tele EF500mm /f4 L IS and the Macro lens EF100mm /f2,8 L IS USM.

2011 - the new Camera Top Model Canon EOS-1D Mark IV replaced the 7D and also the Super tele EF 600mm f/4L IS USM replaced the EF 500mm. The new Tele converter Generation 1,4x + 2,0x Mark III replaced the Mark II Serial.

2012 – Tele Zoom Lens EF100-400 f/4,5-5,6L IS USM replaced the EF300mm for more flexibility.

2013 - Canon EOS 5D Mark III replaced the 5D Mark II. Start with Magic Lantern RAW Video work.

2014 - Video camera Canon XA 20 Pro is added for my video work too. For Timelapse and RAW video work with DSLR camera and Magic Lantern, new Walimex lens 14 mm/f2. 8.

2015 - Canon 7 d Mark 2 equipped with modern autofocus system replaced my EOS 1 d Mark VI.

2016 - Tele Zoom Lens EF100-400 f/4,5-5,6L IS USM Mark II replaced the older Version

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