From the beach up to the Mount Olympos

Or let say from Ground Level on 1950 meters in the Troodos Mountains, the winter time is no easy time for the birds remaining on the island.  While there are no major problems of the weather and forage in the lower regions, but the winter is not indented in the mountains still at the moment. Good for the wildlife you might think, but is unfortunately not the case.


The official hunting season in Cyprus starts in November and lasts until the end of February and this is a big problem for the Birds.


Over 60,000 licenses were resold by the State this year. Many bird species such as the Blackbird, Song thrush, Fieldfare and Mistle thrush are released for the launch, regardless of aid efforts for this species in the other European countries thus appear downright absurdum.

But what bothers me and many nature and bird lovers even more; officially designated protected areas are covered with spent cartridges, with hunting ban as if it is the most lucrative hunting grounds. Also what flies through the air or moves on the ground fired on everything. Mistakes happen and are planned. Therefore, I am pleased if in the Troodos Mountains, the snow falls and it makes the official and unofficial hunters hard to come away from the few uncluttered roads. Winter time is a kind of self-help of nature up there in the mountains.



In the lower regions we are held back on Wednesdays and Sundays by this hunting specialist on Trapp, there is out a mistake staring ever in cowboy manner from the cars and if thereby the Falcon on the power poles used as target. The policy is moved, just before the next election, by the Cowboys on the nose ring through the arena, MP´s give Disounts for the Trappers fee and no danger from the police (no interest) to the "art" shooters also. So, Happy New Year.



Here are a few pictures from the last days of the year 2017


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