European Roller and Red-footed Falcon

The Roller gratifying number of breeding arrived in the area of Asprokremmos and Anarita.


Almost at the same time, the lesser Kestrel, red-footed falcon and some Montagu´s Harriers to the stopover is arrived to recover from the first part of their journey and strengthen for the onward flight in the breeding areas.


The power lines along the dirt roads are the best overview in the hunt on the large and small insects in the dry meadows and fields.


At the Rollers now starts the time of relations before the breeding, the male must prove his devotion with permanent food offerings to the female and show that he can later supply also the young. Only then are the Coppola and the reference of the chest caves in the surrounding breeding areas. This year, I will deal in detail with the Rollers as video documentary in a project.



Here are some pictures from the last few days, also you can do many new pictures in the picture gallery, bird taxonomy list and see the incoming types.

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