Little Owl - breeding sesson 2018

Since the beginning of April I am 2-3 x the week in the Anarita Park area at the nesting site of the stone Strigidae family to capture the entire breeding season and rearing of the stone Strigidae family – "Athena Noctua" in a video and photo project

Now, with the first sighting of the young birds at the entrance of the nest cavity was, I start my blog entry and show photos of the protagonists and the location and will also write something about the species "little owl in Cyprus".

The little owl is a very frequently represented Bird in Cyprus. Since it is a partly "day hunter" It is always easy to find in the corresponding habitats.

Important to know, the female of the little Owl lays 2-6 eggs within 2 days and incubates the eggs alone. The male supplies the female during the breeding season and later also the offspring with fodder. The feeding to the chicks is usually carried out by the female. 

The breeding sesson is approx. 28 days and the rearing of the Chicks until leaving the nest cavity was about 30 days. Then the young birds fly around with their parents and are provided with a time until they then occupy their own areas.   

Time to open my blog with some photos now…

Ladies first, the Little Owl female is slightly larger, 3-4 cm bigger and also slightly heavier, 30-40 Gr. than the male. Our female is clearly darker brown feathered and the eyebrows are visibly shorter. The shadow face on the back of the head is also much more pronounced.

Our little owl male is a little smaller and is much brighter colored, especially noticeable also on the eyebrows to recognize.

Gallery 1 - breeding time

Gallery 2 - feeding time

Gallery 3 - the 5 juvenile Little Owl´s

All pictures from the project little Owl breeding session 2018 can be found here in the picture gallery

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