Juvenile Little Owl´s - third week outside

Now the common time with the little owl family is so slowly coming to an end, when I come to the hotbed, the boys fly to more distant places.


They have become somewhat accustomed to the big Bush (My tent) in front of their place, but safety and the warning cries of the adults is now going on.


However, they still like to receive the feeding in the usual place and it happens that one of the others snatches the food away. Only when the mother is distributed everything remains peaceful.

In themselves the boys are well prepared for the way to self-employment, as can be seen in the pictures, the breast plumage is now with drawing in plumage, the tail feathers, which are needed for a stable flight, are also almost ready. As you can see in the photos, the coloring of the breast plumage is not as clear as the old ones, but there is not much left. As Sabine has already pointed out in the Eröffnungstread, it is best to identify the species of owls at the head drawing and this also begins to develop among the young. For some, the so-called "shadow Face" on the back of the head is already recognizable in approaches.

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Little Owl Project 2018 - Gallery 4

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