Summer Extremes for the bird life of the island of Cyprus

Summer in Cyprus, the months of July and August offer the highest temperatures for holidaymakers, but they are looking for the sun for a bathing holiday. The summer 2018, however, even for local conditions even more extreme and long-lasting temperature periods in the luggage.

For nature, especially the bird species that spend the summer on the island, the extreme conditions and long distances from their ancestral habit to the next watering point. In the search for a nest cavity was used by Hoopoe in the spring in an olive tree, I accidentally found such a watering point and where water is, there is life.

I have therefore prepared an info for you in July. Which shows what is so flying and comes to the water.

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    paul foster (Dienstag, 11 September 2018 19:37)

    Hello Albert,another nice selection of bird species coming to the watering hole.Glad that you found the Hoopoe nest site.It will be good hopefully for the next breeding season...cheers Paul