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A time lapse is an area of photography in which photos are taken at regular intervals and then processed into short videos at an accelerated pace. This makes it possible to visually reproduce much more information for the human eye in very short time sequences.

How to prepare time lapse, create and rework, which accessories make sense, I tell you here in my time-lapse blog,
Also about Hyperlapse, also called Walk Lapse, so time-lapse recordings that are created in walking, there is information here.

Sonnenaufgang am Mount Olympos - Troodos

Time lapses are available in many variants, e.g. flowers bloom, cloud formations in rapid motion, long-lasting processes are summarized in short sequences.

The most interesting variant for me are time-lapse shots that include "from night to day with sunrise" or "from day to night, with sunset".


This recording technique then includes the so-called "Holy Grail" of time-lapse photography, which can be implemented almost perfectly in post-processing with appropriate software such as "LRTimelapse".

Below you will find a description for the planning and execution of a project with my preliminary planning and the execution of a Holy Grail time lapse, taken on Mount Olympos in the Troodos Mountains, the highest point of the island of Cyprus, at 1,950 m above sea level.

As a nature photographer, I visit many places on the island for bird photography, so I often associate this with the recording of time-lapse projects.

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