Migration Birds April 2019

In April 2019, the bird migration went very well from my point of view. As a yardstick I take the bird species found in our fruit meadow and that was conspicuous many this year. 

I was particularly pleased about species I haven't encountered in our area since 2014.

So, with a few exceptions, I have been able to do most of the bird shots directly in the home garden. Attractive for the birds are always the laid out water points and also the fruit offer for many bird species.  Not to mention is that we mow the orchard several times and the supply of insects for the birds is very large.

There was the Woodchat Shrike in the garden in the middle of a day, the feeding offer with small lizards has promised him. All kinds of Flycatcher where there and the Hoopoe did its rounds around the olive trees almost daily. I was particularly pleased with the presence of a Common Nightingale, which settled here for almost 3 weeks.

Together with a photographer friend from Germany, we also visit the Akrotiri Marsh, 800 Flamingos, few Black-winged Stilt, Spooners and many others could be seen. In the Rabbit Pools - Fasouri Marsh we have discovered 8 Black-tailed Godwit together with 2 Stilt, an extremely rare sight with the number of Godwit´.


In the Androlikou Area I discovered the singing Black-eared Wheatear, female common Redstart, Cretschmars Ortolan and many Hoopoes, here too some pictures. Of all the bird species I also made video recordings, which I am currently working out and will show here.

Besucher im Obstgarten - Visitors in Fruit Garden

Akrotiri Marsh

Anarita Area

Androlikou Area

Paphos - Kefalos Beach

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    paul (Samstag, 01 Juni 2019 16:20)

    Hello Albert,superb collection of photographs, especially from your garden.
    I think I will rent the small building in the bottom of the garden for 1 week in April..so many species on your doorstep....tchuss Paul

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