Akamas Peninsula National Park under pressure

This Google Earth video shows the development of the planned Akamas National Park from its creation to the current state of planning.

Not much remains of the original idea of a national park.

With each new planning step of the Environment Department, the Akamas EU Natura 2000 protected area is reduced in size and the separated areas are released for commercial use.

The idea of making the Akamas Peninsula a nature reserve with its unique flora and fauna is currently no longer apparent.

With each new stage of planning, it becomes apparent that politicians are giving in to the lobbyists of the developers, the construction industry and the demands of the landowners for commercial use of the nature reserve.

The Ministry of the Environment has taken on the task for politicians to communicate these "changes" to the population as positive developments.

From the mission for the protection of nature, the mission to protect economic interests, i.e. icing sugar for the people to nebulize the senses and the profit for the developers and landowners, will continue to advance.

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