Godox TT685II-O - Extern Flash

The Godox TT685II-O Flash is specifically compatible with Panasonic and Olympos cameras.
     Product parameters:             Model: TT685II

  •      Flash duration: 1/300s-1/20000s
  •      Multi Flash: Provided (up to 100 times, 199 Hz)
  •      Exposure control system: E-TTL ll automatic flash and manual flash
  •      FElock:Using (FEL) button or (*) button
  •      Channel groups: A, B, C, D
  •      Controllable receiver groups: A, B, C, D, E (E group can be controlled by X series triggers)
  •      ID: 01-99 Channels: 32 (1~32)
  •      Modeling Flash: Triggered with the camera's depth-of-field preview button
  •      Wireless flash function: transmitter, receiver, off Transmission distance (approx.): 100 m
  •      Full power flashes: about 330 times Recharge time: 0.1-2.6s (Ni-MH rechargeable battery)
  •      Sync Triggering Mode: Hotshoe, 2.5mm sync line
  •      WxHxD: 64*76*190mm Weight with battery: 489g
  •      The guide number is 60

The size of the Godox TT685II-O is similar to a Canon Flash 580 and so it is ideal for me to combine the flash with the Better Beamer Flash Extender.  All the required functions are compatible with the Panasonic DC-S1R and DC-S1.  For flash and Better Beamer, see my update on flash in bird photography.

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