My Floating Hide Project 2013

It was a challenge and a big wish of mine to make Photos and Video recordings of waterfowl in the eye to eye level.


Today, after 3 Years I have spend many hours in the Pools and watch the waterfolw and other interessting acticitys in my Hide.

Somtimes , when a Kingfisher sitting on Top, this are just great Moments for me.


My floating cover Hide place to build a secure basis for the expensive equipment is with a load of 25 kg. 


See in my report on this as I have implemented it.

I've attached below file the drawing for the construction of the floating tarnzeltes with the material list as a PDF download.  Those who are interested can make like this, I must point out however that anyone who builds up the raft, makes this at your own risk.


In the photo gallery I included images of individual components and stages of construction. And now have fun with tinkering and more shooting.

Floating Hide - Drawing
Floating Hide Model (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 198.7 KB
Script for "floating Hide"
Projekt 2013 Floating Hide 1 english.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 43.7 KB

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    Balázs Szabó (Samstag, 26 Januar 2019 12:41)


    ich gratuliere Ihnen, es ist wirklich gut gekleppt mit dem Foloating Hide. Ich Hätte eine Frage. Wie haben Sie den Tripod Head zu den Holz befestigt?

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    Ned Witham (Dienstag, 16 April 2019 23:11)

    Good afternoon. I live you plans and plan to make a photo blind based on them. I was wondering why you didn't make a solid top with plywood etc.?