Birds at January 2017

In the January 2017, there were very few migratory birds as winter visitors, mostly just many Sparrows, Linnet, Serin and common Chiffchaff, also the usual Sardinian Warblers and Blackcap.


Surprisingly many Thrushes which served the hunters again in large numbers as a hunting destination. There I met at a young man at Agia Varvara who was going to pick a plastic bag containing 15-16 Song thrushes. He told me his hunting yield from the last day be proud and he can sell the plucked birds at the unit price of 3-4 euro. He responded only with a shrug to my objection that these birds with much financial effort are protected in many European countries.


Answer: "there so many birds come to Cyprus and's many fly further, some stay here..."

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