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European green woodpecker in neighbor´s Garden

In August 2022, during my visit to Altmannstein - Bavaria, I discovered a green woodpecker male with a young bird in the neighbor's garden.


The green woodpecker is also called ground woodpecker or grass woodpecker. That's because its diet consists almost entirely of ants.


So he hops around longer distances without flying in short jumps on the grassy areas.

The "earth woodpecker" then constantly pecks into the ground with its beak in order to drill into the subterranean channels of the ants. It's amazing the accuracy with which he's doing it.
The green woodpecker then pushes its sticky tongue, which is covered with barbs and is up to 10 cm long, into the ant channels through the small opening it has made in the ground and thus pulls its food out of the ground. A behavior that can also be seen in the wryneck.
In the video I also processed photos showing the green woodpecker using its tongue. In reality, the use of the tongue is carried out very quickly and can hardly be captured in normal video recordings. You can also find a selection of photos here.

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Video + Photo records from Hide to Bird pound April 2022

The video with migratory birds and native bird species at the new bird pond from the month of April can now be seen online on my YouTube channel.


The bird species are also listed individually in the video catalog for targeted search of the individual species.


Hardly a day goes by without me making changes to the background and deco of the system to get the best lighting conditions for the shots.


At the end of April, an old dried out vine was added as decoration, which was very well received by all bird species.


The weather was already very dry in April, only occasionally short showers came down in the coastal region. Most species have already started with the first brood, which led to a significant decrease in the number of visitors to the pond. As always, I use the Lumix S1 (24.4 MB) as a video camera and the Lumix S1R (47MB) for RAW photography from the Hide to record the present species both as video and photos, as far as this can be implemented alternately with the video recordings.

photo from April 2022

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Video- u. photos from Hide Cam and Surveillance pound Camera, March 2022

Here are video clips recorded March 2022 with the Hide Camera Panasonic Lumix S1 + Sigma 100-400 5-6-6.3 DG DN OS


Here I have summarized the best recordings of the surveillance pound camera for the month of March with a weekly listing.
Highlights are a group of song thrushes that have joined forces to fly to their breeding grounds.
For the first time, a subalpine Warbler male, is present in the garden and uses the pool.
The close-up shot of the bathing barn owl at 01:50 complements the highlights of the surveillance camera.

The video recordings of the Lumix S1 come in another video with the bird species listed alphabetically. You can see a selection of the photos from Nonat March, taken with the Lumix S1R, here in the blog.
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Eleonora`s Falcon - Life in the Balance

I would like to recommend this important video to you, for which I have recorded some contributions with the camera.


Through the perspective of the Eleonora’s Falcon, a migratory bird of prey that visits the Akrotiri Peninsula every summer to breed, the documentary highlights the importance of this natural area and tells the story of the challenges it faces.


Director – Producer: Madelaine Westwood - Nutshell Productions/GAFI


The creation of this documentary was supported by the RSPB (BirdLife in the UK) and BirdLife Cyprus.

Wetlands, coastal scrub, dunes, farmland, impressive coastal cliffs…

the Akrotiri Peninsula hosts a unique mosaic of habitats as well as the largest wetland complex on the island Cyprus. It is one of the most important areas for biodiversity on the island, providing refuge to rare species of plants and wildlife, and is a top destination for any nature lover. The future of the peninsula, its species and its habitats are however in immediate danger. Increasing pressure for development in the area, disturbance, increased visitor numbers and the effects of climate change are threatening this sensitive area with degradation and loss of habitat. Can we save it?

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Video u. Photos - Bird pound records from Hide Cam - Februar 2022

The first video with migratory birds and native bird species at the new bird pond from the month of February is ready and can be seen online on my YouTube channel. The bird species are provided with a catalog in the video, so that you can also select individual species.


The surveillance camera provided me with an astonishing number of bird species in a number that I did not expect, which is worth taking a look.


Hardly a day goes by without me making changes to the background and deco of the system to get the best lighting conditions for the shots.

Some things are not so perfect yet, but slowly I work my way into the scene. The weather conditions in February were not so optimal for nature, birds and photographers, a lot of rain and unusually cold temperatures for Cyprus leave their mark even on the fruit trees.


In addition to the videos, I always take photos, as far as I can implement this in alternation with the video recordings. In the next episodes there will be more bird species to see, many had hoped to see, but not really expected.

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Photo-Video Hide with Bird pound - my new Project

With my new project I have fulfilled a dream.


Instead of the small bird bath with a diameter of 0.8m under the fig tree I have built a pond with 4 x 2 meters and also a hide hut embedded 1m deep in the ground.


So I'm now sitting in the photo hide with the birds at eye level with a maximum distance of about 5.8m to the motifs. I started building the pond at the end of November, the hut was made in individual parts in the garage and assembled on site on February 5th and 6th.


About the whole project I will create a separate post with documents for interested replicators

My goal is for an annual documentary to produce monthly photos and videos of the migratory birds that stop in our garden on the west coast of Cyprus. A wildlife camera attached to the pond provides a 24-hour overview of all bird species and what else can be found from the animal kingdom at the pond.

My Location: Cyprus, Peyia, Agios Georgios, Copyright:

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