Albert Stoecker


Prasteiou 1

8650 Peyia, Cyprus

my way to Nature photography

Photography was always a part of my life, whether in the family environment, in the clubs and in working life, the camera was there always a part of this. Particularly I like remember my "black and white photography time as I spent many hours in my own darkroom at home.


Lightroom and Photoshop now replace the darkroom. Countless digital photo and video recorded shots every day around the clock made with Smartphones, tablets, cameras and other devices. Much is immediately uploaded to the Web or even stream of humanity to view freely.

But is the snapping of everything and everyone the photograph which I imagine.


No, but when I´´ am stay as a nature photographer somewhere alone in nature with the Camera, waiting for Animal ore Bird or capturing Landscape, this often brings me back in the time in the Black- and White Darkrum for many hours.

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My Location in Cyprus

If you click on the picture you get a bigger Panorama.

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my Achievements and Publications

„Cyprus Wheatear“ das Magazin von BirdLife Cyprus

The "Cyprus Wheatear" magazine of BirdLife Cyprus appears four times a year. For the magazine I recover lots of photos for articles, headlines and posters always available. Also for the "Britisch Birds" Magazine i made som Photos. Here a small selection of Cover photos from the Magazine.

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Winning Award at "LIFE Oroklin Project" 2014

At the EU-funded project "LIFE Oroklini Project" 2014 a photo competition was carried. Each participating Photographer could submit 5 shots to the given topic.  More than a hundred photographers took part in the competition.


It was a great pleaser for me to win the competition and achieving 1st place in the competition and even more good rankings with my photos.

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Important Bird Areas of Cyprus

The new "Important Bird Areas of Cyprus - 2014" I supported with more than 40 Photos. If you like you can go inside the Book here

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UNESCO Foto - Wanderausstellung in Paris, London und Nikosia 2012

Im Jahre 2012 hat die Republick Zypern turnusgemäß für 6 Monate die offizielle Führung der Europäischen Union übernommen.


Zu diesem Anlass wurd von der Republik Zypern und der UNESCO eine Fotoausstellung und Multimedia Show über die Natur Zyperns organisiert, zu der ich das Foto zur offiziellen Einladungskarte angefertigt habe.


Für die Ausstellung selbst, die in Paris, London und in Nikosia gezeigt wurde habe ich ebenfalls noch Bildmaterial beigestellt.


Einige Bilder von der Eröffnung der Fotoaustellung in Paris im Anhang in der Fotogalerie.

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