Searching the Migration Birds April 2017

Looking after the migratory birds a lot requires more effort this spring, the number of bird migration has declined significantly.


The news that the number of migratory birds has been dramatically back come from many European countries. In Germany, the number of breeding pairs has decreased in the last 10 years by 57%, the number of breeding pairs decreased over 60% has declined throughout the EU.


Intensive agriculture, destroyed areas of life, pharmaceuticals and chemistry anywhere an Hunting, our eco system is destroyed and the policy protects the "polluter pays".  One reason more intensively to proceed against the bird deaths, and also bird murder here in Cyprus, but also to Italy, Malta, Spain and especially in Egypt with some hundert of Kilometers Net and Trappers.

Its our Enviorment so it needs our protection. Here I've added a few more pictures from Akrotiri, Lady’s Mile, Zakaki Marsh and Gravel pit, Salt Lake, NATA, Asprokremmos dam, Anarita and Mandria.

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