The Mulberry Tree and the Eurasian golden oriole (Oriolus oriolus)

The Golden oriole is always late in time also one of the last Birds as spring migration travelers.


The mulberry tree with its sweet fruit acts almost like a magnet on the Orioles.  On their journey from Africa back to Europe in the breeding areas the Orioles will find the fruit-covered Mulberry on Cyprus, as if the birds so plan it.


In the German-speaking countries the Golden oriole on the basis of his citrus-golden-yellow feathers also called "Vireos". Many people have never seen the as flashy feathered Golden oriole in the wild. 


Usually, the Golden oriole in the higher trees canopy is hiding.

It is hard as you get to see the shy Oriole – sized about Blackbird  abaout 24 centimeters tall and 70 grams, so clearly you can hear his melodious reputation and associate with it.


Yesterday I had opportunity to observe two female and a male Golden oriole at sweet breakfast in a mulberry tree.

Around the mulberry tree on the road were also a few other species and have observed the environment as I.


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