Red-tailed (Turkestan) Shrike

This morning I was at 6:00 at the Mandria beach by the small Rock islets. I hope to see, like the day before, again grey and Little egrets there land for a break.

At 9:00am I broke off unsuccessfully the action because there were no birds in flight to se.

In the Grasland next to the Beach I see many Northern Wheatear and just before I leave the Area I notice a Bird on a big bushes near a paddock. I checked with the binoculars and seen a Shrike with clear mask. maybe an Isabeline Shrike?


So I went to the Bush and made a few pictures, still from a bigger distance. The shrike give´s me just a few second´s and fly away. I quickly follow him and found him again in a large Bush along with Spanish sparrows, Whinchat and Sardinian warblers.

 What I saw was definitely no masked or Isabelline Shrike. After I made a few record photoshots and a short video sequenz the Shrike moved again. 

At home, 35 km away, I've read out to Lightroom and checked the Photos with the Pictures at Svenssons Bird Dictonary and....Yes, I see it was my first photographed Red-tailed Shrike. To get a review, I have sent one photo to my friend Stavros Christodoulides and quickly got the answer; Yes, Red-tailed "Turkestan" Shrike. But I must honestly says that before I get this positive answer i was back on the Way to Mandria to make more photos and video sequences from this rare guest. When I arrived on Mandria Beach there where even more "birder"  had become aware and the next 3 hours the Turkestan Shrike was the most photographed visitors at Mandria

and here a short video from the Red-tailed Shrike


Please select "Full HD 1080" on YouTube Settings for the best Quality.

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    PAUL FOSTER (Sonntag, 10 April 2016 16:48)

    Extremely good find Albert,you just never know what is going to appear next at cyprus,its such an amazing place this time of year!

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