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24. Dezember 2016
Looking for Fieldfare and Mistle thrush I have undertaken several trips in the Troodos Mountains. The Thrushs wintering in the mountains represent still a species shared for hunting, with it for the Hunter no difference where the birds.

24. Dezember 2016
The weather report promised a sunny day in the mountains, so climb aboard and ride in a winter landscape, which reminded me of my home in Germany.
30. November 2016
One might think that the bird world has to offer nothing particularly in October and November. There are usually also all known and much photographed birds, which are perceived not so much. In the environment of Mandria in the beach and the fields very much butterflies were in the flowered gorse bushes, some pigment in addition to all the species of birds. During a tour with our dogs in the afternoon I saw a Song thrush and because in Cyprus all butterfly species including the Blackbird to the...

30. September 2016
Water is the Basic of Life Yet I have not seen through the system of so-called Soakaways, why these were excavated approximately 30 x 30 m large pool next to the river bed, in my home country would be that as rainwater retention basin, but rain is scarce in Cyprus. Right now in September the Water Department has begun from time to time to fill these pools with water from the nearby running irrigation channels. It flows then for several hours Water in these reservoirs, unthil the pools filled up...

08. September 2016
One day I will long keep in memory as a nature photographer. All started around 6:30 with a swarm Demoiselle Crane at high altitude; I could only estimate the number. Then, a little later came the first group Purple Herons and Grey herons, which started to revolve about the tall eucalyptus trees at the campsite and to settle down there but then. And then there have been more and more, I couldn't believe my luck and made photos and videos every minute. The Heron flew around again and again to...

01. September 2016
The last weeks have been here extremely hot, now, ending of August returns life in the actions of the bird world and the observer. The Demoissele cranes are flying again over the island to the South; some groups make a stopover on the island. I looked around in the last August week very early on the day somewhat in the traditional Bird Areas and found some Birds in Mandria. A greater number of Lesser Grey Shrike and Red-backed Shrike have settled on their hike there, sit on power lines, trees...

18. Juli 2016
Asprokremmos Dam Juni 2016 - At the left edge of the image, the shore of the dam is at normal water level. On the right-hand side you can see the abandoned village of Finikas. - just click to open and go aronnd for Details

26. Mai 2016
The Amur Falcon (Falco amurensis) is very closed with the Red footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus), my photo shows the stressed Amur Falcon on his arrival after a long journey. This Amur Falcon arrived with a group of Red footed Falcon and stay for 3 Weeks in the wasteland between Agia Varvara and Anarita, Paphos district. It´s the first Amur Falcon, which is registered in Cyprus ever now.

25. Mai 2016
The Red-footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus), formerly western red-footed falcon, is a bird of prey. It belongs to the family Falconidae. In the last week of April 2016, the Group Red-footed Falcon arrived back again in the wasteland between Agia Varvara and Anarita, Paphos district. In this Group came an unexpected visitor to Cyprus, the first Amur falcon.

05. Mai 2016
Like every year, a large group of bee-eaters end of March comes back on the island of Cyprus. While some couples occupy the small breeding areas other birds use the island as a resting and feeding place and move around. Next to our home the birds sit in Groups up to 50 birds often early in the morning on the power lines. Generally, the Bird like old Carop trees used as Basic for there hunting. But this old Trees mostly illegally were cut down by traders of firewood. Now nothing more than the...

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