First Amur Falcon in Cyprus

The Amur Falcon (Falco amurensis) is very closed with the Red footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus), my photo shows the stressed Amur Falcon on his arrival after a long journey.


This Amur Falcon arrived with a group of Red footed Falcon and stay for 3 Weeks in the wasteland between Agia Varvara and Anarita, Paphos district.


It´s the first Amur Falcon, which is registered in Cyprus ever now.

Already in the morning twilight at 5:30 and before the Red footed Falcon came on site the Amur already starts hunting for grasshoppers and other invertebrates. Only a few times I could find him on dried Thistles sitting, mostly, he sits on the power lines, parallel to the track. With the clarity few from this higher position he found prey be lining up to 20 meters left and right of the wires in the area. To eat, hey went back on the power line or in a secluded area on the ground. Only once I've seen slightly perplexed him hunting as he stood on the dirt road a black Scorpion over and the Scorpion did not think himself without a fight as fodder to surrender.

Observations of nature I will not forget.

Video - Amur Falcon in Cyprus

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    paul foster (Sonntag, 05 Juni 2016 17:46)

    What a cracking bird Albert for Cyprus!
    A really good account and description of the bird also,backed up by some stunning photography.
    What a shame some birders and photographers were mis behaving whilst trying to get close views,it happens in England all the time too!
    I never tell anyone about a rare bird...I know only too well the consequences!
    Cheers Paul

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