September Migration Birds at the Agia Varara Soakaways Soakaways

Water is the Basic of Life


Yet I have not seen through the system of so-called Soakaways, why these were excavated approximately 30 x 30 m large pool next to the river bed, in my home country would be that as rainwater retention basin, but rain is scarce in Cyprus.


Right now in September the Water Department has begun from time to time to fill these pools with water from the nearby running irrigation channels.


It flows then for several hours Water in these reservoirs, unthil the pools filled up to approx. 30-40 cm water level.

Then, the inlets are automatically stopped and the water seeps slowly, the pools have dried out again to the next day. Nature, specifically accepts gratefully the bird world these short periods of water, however you could better support the nature with a slower and for continuous water supply and the water infiltration would be the same.


But after the bitter experience of Ezousa pools at Acheliea in the last October 2015 I have no great hope that there is responsible of the Paphos water Department on nature protection worry, unfortunately...

During September i cathc many Migration Birds on the attached Video


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