October - November - Winter Birds in my Home Area - Cyprus

One might think that the bird world has to offer nothing particularly in October and November. There are usually also all known and much photographed birds, which are perceived not so much.


In the environment of Mandria in the beach and the fields very much butterflies were in the flowered gorse bushes, some pigment in addition to all the species of birds.


During a tour with our dogs in the afternoon I saw a Song thrush and because in Cyprus all butterfly species including the Blackbird to the hunt by the Government are released, I put me there on the next day in the morning hours in the camouflage tent.

The feral, ancient tree land with carob trees is only about 100 metres away from my desk, hunting is here forbidden, but the cartridge cases on the ground tell a different story. I tried the bulging life on the tree and in the bushes to capture some photos and video sequences. 

Particularly pleased the cooperation has pleased the two rival Robin, that very freely and persistently have participated in the recordings.


Here are a few photos, then later a video of the "tree of the robins" 

this Video shows you Robins and other Winter birds in my Home area, recordet october and november 2016.

the video is made as 4k Video, best to play at youtube with 1080 p setting ore 1440p

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    Paul foster (Sonntag, 11 Dezember 2016 11:00)

    So much nature on your doorstep Albert.Even though they are common birds,they are none the less beautiful.I too have robins/blackbirds/tits in our garden,soon they will be amongst snow,though as we speak it is quite warm at 12 degrees!

    Keep well and regards to Eleni....Lisa/Paul

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