Spring Area of River Schambach - Nature in Bavaria - Germany

Hallo all, 

I am back from Germany, where I the last two months in the House construction of our daughter helped something with family.


The residence of Altmannstein in Bavaria is situated in the Altmühl Valley nature park, not far from the confluence of the main-Danube Canal in the Danube. In short, in the middle of a magnificent piece of Earth with unspoilt nature.


I had to twice the opportunity meet the sources area of the river Schambach in Schamhaupten and was surprised, what is are all in the spring pool and Creek flowing around the, in the water and in the air. 


Also recommended, this place is an oasis of calm.

In the spring pool ducks with young, tufted ducks, were to see Coot and gallinules also Blackbird, Wren, Jay, Blue tit, crested Tit, Marsh Tit and great tit.


For the first time I could experience a beaver couple in the wild, observe, photograph and film. Surprisingly even a female grass snake with a length of approximately 130-140 cm.


Many of the species were located in the breeding business; you can see species of birds wich in Cyprus we can experience only in the passage here than in the rearing of the next generation in customized new plumage. The bright yellow mountain wagtails were apparent the first time on-site and have chosen in a small rock wall a well-hidden breeding ground for the next generation.


If you then move along the Schambach on the cycle paths towards Riedenburg to pass Schamhaupten, Sandersdorf, Neuenhinzenhausen, Sollern, Altmannstein, Hexenagger through the villages to Riedenburg.


Many thanks to my friend "Carpenter Mike", which showed me these tours with the E-bike.


On the way through the Schambach Valley to Riedenburg it is possible to see the great Reed Warbler, the bearded Reedling, the Kingfisher, the common snipe, the oriole, the Whinchat, the Red-backed Shrike, the White Stork, the Marsh Harrier, also the red and black Milan, Also buzzards, Kestrels, Grey herons, pheasants, partridges, Blässrallen and Northern Lapwing.


Among the mammals including Fox, Badger, weasel, polecat, seven - and garden Dormouse can be found next to deer and rabbits and water the muskrat. (Info from Wikipedia)


In the following Gallery some examples from the world of birds, Beaver, and grass snake. More you can find in the new video on my YouTube channel, that OASIS gives a good overview of this nature.

Bitte das Video mit YouTube Einstellung 1080p ansehen.

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    paul foster (Freitag, 21 Juli 2017 22:35)

    Hi Albert,glad you got the time to venture out with the videocamera.The little river seems a wonderful place to visit,so many things going on there,particuly enjoyed the grass snakes haven't seen many of them in my time.I thought that you had retired from work, but kids are kids I guess.I bet the new house is really coming on a treat now.Hope everyone is fine and ok, catch up soon!

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